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This MP3 CD contains the music from all three seasons of director John Kenneth Muir's ground-breaking science fiction web series, THE HOUSE BETWEEN -- over 150 cues. Also included are alternate main title themes, alternate and unused cues.

All tracks composed, performed, engineered and produced by César Gallegos and Mateo Latosa.

Cover design by Kim Breeding-Mercer.

©  and ℗ 2010 TKU. All Rights Reserved.

The House Between

César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa

"When I first created The House Between (2007 – 2009), I knew we would have very little by way of budget, sets or even props. But I also knew that the web series needed to feature a sense of “place” and “time,” and to my delight, that is exactly what the series soundtrack ultimately provided the program. Mateo and César's multi-faceted score underlined important character notes and stories, but also made the House at the End of the Universe a real place, one with a personality, and even a soul. When I look back on the series now, a full decade later, that soul still pulsates, still resonates. The music augments every facet of the series, making the experience of watching it deeper and more soulful than I ever could have envisioned when the journey of producing the series began. The things we couldn’t bring to set -- monsters, action, grand vistas -- Mateo and César brought to us through their lyrical compositions and imagination."

                                              --Director, John Kenneth Muir

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