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"La Mujer y la corona de plumas" by TKU

from the album SOLDADERAS.

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground's catalogue of releases includes albums credited to TKU or César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa (together or as solo artists). Members of TKU also form part of the L.A./London group Angels May Prevail.
I Sing to the Sea

TKU + Nacional Electrónica

The second in the Latitudes series of albums, I Sing to the Sea is the collaboration of Nacional Electr
ónica and TKU. Recorded in La Habana in summer 2015, elements of this album serve as the score to the short documentary, Latitudes de Latinidad en América, directed by José Prado. Album released October 1, 2017. Cover photography by Lily Dosina.


Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Mateo Latosa - César Gallegos

CD version of the music installation for "Latitudes de Latinidad en América", a exhibition of photographs of Cuba by Raúl Menjívar. California State University at Domínguez Hills 2014. Album released December 1, 2016. 
Cover photography by José Prado.


TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Complete Original Theatrical Score to the play, LEAVING, written by Luis Ayhllón and translated by Daniel Jáquez. Commissioned by the Off the Tracks Theater Company. Album released November 2013. 

Cover art by Gaby Sánchez.

Extraits et Interludes

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Album released March 2013. Cover photography by Vanessa Champion.


TKU: Tecamachalco Underground with Vanessa Champion

Album released January 2013. Cover photography by Vanessa Champion.


TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Complete Original Theatrical Score to the play, SOLDADERAS, written by Rubén Amavizca-Murúa, Grupo de Teatro SINERGIA. Album released May 2012. Cover design by José Prado.

Music from the Cafe Mak

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Album released January 2012. Cover photography by Ryan Pham.

India (Single)

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground


The full-length (31'31) "single" version of  India. A shorter EDIT version appears on the TKU album Innocence. Album released December 2011. Cover photography by Vanessa Champion

Millennium Apocalypse: The Dark Inside You

César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa


The award-winning complete score to Jason Morris's web-series Millennium Apocalypse Season Two: The Dark Inside You, a sequel to Chris Carter's MILLENNIUM. Album released December 2011.

Cover art by Jason Morris.

coming soon

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground


Originally released as a sampler in April 2011. To be reissued in 2019. Cover photography by Ryan Pham.

The House Between
currently unavailable

César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa


The score to all three seasons of John Kenneth Muir's ground-breaking web-series on a single mp3 disc. Album released April  2010. Cover art by Kim Breeding.

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