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Track Listing

01.  "We are in the Valley...*

02.  Sólo Adiós

03.  Fatbeat

04.  Beatriz

05.  NacEle 1 (featuring Eddie Parente)

06.  Neveah

07.  Dilations

08.  ...and She Call Us, Sweet Lord"*

09.  Street Color*

10.  One Brief Moment of Joy

11.  Song of Lament*

12.  The Sweetness of the Leaving

13.  Taimani Echoes (Procession XX)

14.  For JJJ

15.  Voice, Mountains, Stars

All tracks composed, performed, engineered and produced by TKU and Nacional Electrónica

Photography by Alexis de la O Joya (Nacional Electrónica)


©  and ℗ TKU and Nacional Electrónica 2018. All Rights Reserved. 



INVISIBLE PEOPLES is the second collaboration of the Havana electronic music duo Nacional Electrónica (Edwin Casanova González and Alexis de la 0) and the L.A. electronic music duo TKU: Tecamachalco Underground (César Gallegos and Mateo Latosa).

Recorded in Havana in June 2018,  this album was recorded for Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez, as the score for a full-length work of contemporary dance. A initial short contemporary dance work, entitle ANGELUS LAMENTUM premieres in Los Angeles at the Ebb & Flow (Chinatown) Festival on June 12-13, 2021. The full-length dance score  will have additional musical pieces,  including  contibutions by Eddie "Skip" Parente.


The title refers to minority communities that continue to survive and hold on to their cultural heritages within, though for the most part unseen  and ignored by, the majority society. This album is a companion piece to ECHOES OF THE MOURNING STONES


A new work of contemporary dance

Choreographed by Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez/3-19 Dance Art

Music by Nacional Electronica + TKU

Ebb & Flow: Chinatown

June 12 & 13 @ 1 pm

LA State Historic Park

1245 N. Spring

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Free RSVP here:

Tickets are free!

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