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TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Commissioned by El Grupo de Teatro Sinergia at El Teatro Frida Kahlo, Los Angeles, 2012.

Track Listing


01. La Mujer y la corona de plumas

02. Mountains in the Mist

03. El Viento

04. Serious Strings

05. Conversations in Pollen

06. An Irishman in Teotihuacán

07. Pensamientos

08. Mountains in the Mist II

09. Dark Underscore

10. Guitar Arcades

11. Testigo a atrocidad

12. Glimpse

13. Momento de felicidad

14. Mountains in the Mist III

15. Glimpse of God

16. Nothing

17. Lejos de ti

18. Un Nopal en Antwerpen

Music composed, performed, engineered

and produced by TKU. 2021 Remaster by 

Alexis de la O.

Cover design by José Prado.

©  and ℗ 2012 TKU. All Rights Reserved.

 "The success of our piece SOLDADERAS was in great part thanks to the haunting score that TKU (César Gallegos and Mateo Latosa) composed for the play. The stories of four surviving soldaderas from four different regions and backgrounds was accentuated by TKU's compositions. From the sweet melodies reinforcing the little dreams of these brave women to the jarring and painful sounds when they recall the horror of the war and their personal traumas. An ode to the resilience and survival instincts of women, made music by TKU."

--Director (and Playwright), Rubén Amavizca-Murúa

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