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Millennium Apocalypse: The Dark Inside You

César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa

This album contains the complete award-winning* score for the web series Millennium Apocalypse: The Dark Inside You, directed by Jason Morris. 

*LA WebFest 2012/Composer/Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror Series (Winner: Fantasy)

Track Listing


01. Jordan and Amanda I

02. Love Evolving

03. Nuages

04. Hold Me

05. Gunman

06. Dark Revelation

07. Amanda's Vision

08. Thoughts Tumbling

09. Love Interrupted

10. Agents Walking

11. Anxious Moment

12. Interrogation I

13. Interrogation II

14. Interrogation III

15. Jordan's Vision

16. Jordan with Gun

17. Meeting Peter Watts

18. Broken Thoughts

19. I Feel Your Pain

20. Lonely Stance

21. Jordan and Amanda II

22. Faxing

23. Peter Watts Faxes Back

24. Jordan's Prayer

25. Mea Culpa

26. Domestic Watts I

27. Domestic Watts II

28. False Alarm

29. My Personal Chaos

30. Computer Visit

31. Seeing You Again

32. So Real

33. Car in Rain

34. Heard a Noise

35. Tech Embrace

36. Avatar Presentation

37. Fading

38. Mist on the Water

39. Focus Please

40. Slo-Mo Sequence

41. Confrontation

42. Wrong Number

43. Jordan Back Home

44. Strum Obsession

45. Symbol on Bar

46. Peter Watts Coda

47. Love Unraveling

48. See the Body

49. Wasted Again

50. Interrogation of Riley I

51. Interrogation of Riley II

52. Interrogation of Riley III

53. Take My Heart

54. After Dream

55. Longing Too Long

56. Mrs. Franks

57. Taylor on Computer

58. La La Landing

59. Sobering Up

60. Riddles

61. Left Me Hanging

62. Taylor Threatened and Climax

63. Amanda and Jordan's Future


Music composed, performed, engineered and produced by César Gallegos/Mateo Latosa (TKU).

Cover art by Jason Morris.

©  and ℗ 2011 TKU. All Rights Reserved.




"When I was approached to make a second season of Millennium Apocalypse (MA) I was reluctant. However, the world has better plans for us than the ones we think we want. I moved ahead, and I am glad I did. An acquaintance at the time, Joe Maddrey, who has now become a cherished friend suggested a pair of musicians to compose the score. My previous composer couldn’t do more than the theme song track and I needed not only a great composer but preferably a fan of the original show and hopefully with a semi interest in what I was creating. Joe sent me a sample of their work from a web series, The House Between, I listened to it about a dozen times already knowing I had found the perfect person…or persons for the job. TKU  (aka Tecamachalco Underground) became a very important part of MA. After editing an episode and sending them a rough cut to score, it became such a treat to receive their work and have the opportunity to hear the score with an episode. TKU was able to create a feel to the music that lived inside the Millennium world but became its own environment inside the MA world. In short, they nailed it! What a wonderful experience it was working with César and Mateo and such an amazing listening experience it is to sit back and relax to the full soundtrack for MA. Thanks Joe for the introduction!

--Director, Jason Morris

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