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Music from the Café Mak

TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

Track Listing


01. Rain-Scented Flowers (for Julia)

02. For the Mad King

03. Thoughts of Friends Lost

04. Café Mak Orchestra (for Simon Jeffes)

05. An Elevated Point in the Centre

06. Steel Guitars under Purple Skies

07. Brooklyn II

08. Swinburne's Roundel

09. For Lance H.

10. Rain-Scented Flowers (Mix V)

Music composed, performed, engineered and produced by TKU.

©  and ℗ 2012 TKU. All Rights Reserved.

Cover photography by Ryan Pham.

Note: Some tracks on this album were recorded at the Café Mak. Thanks to the owner for his permission to record there and to use the name in the title.

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