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TKU: Tecamachalco Underground


Track Listing


01. Marshland Trance

02. For Pawel

03. For Ryan Pham

04. Xochitl (Demo v1)

05. Innocence and Beauty

06. For César

07. Air

08. Shines the Moon (Wach'inak le Ik)

09. Walking with Hands Held

10. For Norma

11. India (Edit)

12. Samoset

13. Seven Fluid Ounces

14. An Irishman in Teotihuacan (for Johnny Byrne)

All tracks composed, performed, engineered and produced by TKU, except "Marshland Trance" which was engineered by TKU and Alexis de la O (Nacional Electrónica).

©  and ℗ 2011 TKU. All Rights Reserved.

Cover photography by Ryan Pham.

*originally released as TKU: Tecamachalco Underground/Sampler 2011

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