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"Praising Trees (for Iván)" by TKU

from the forthcoming album



TKU: Tecamachalco Underground

TKU is the musical collaboration of César Gallegos and Mateo Latosa. The group was formed following their three-year stint as co-composers for the web-series The House Between, directed by John Kenneth Muir.

Since 2011, TKU has released a number of albums of ambient and electronic music, but the group has also continued to compose scores for films, web-series, plays, modern dance and music installations for art galleries. As well, TKU has composed music for multi-media, multi-artist collaborations such as  ECHOES OF THE MOURNING STONES, a book containing the photography of Vanessa Champion and the poetry of Patrizia Gattaceca. In 2015 and again in 2018, TKU went to Havana, Cuba to collaborate with the electronic music duo, Nacional Electrónica. 

Gallegos and Latosa are also two of the four members of the band ANGELS MAY PREVAIL. For further information about ANGELS MAY PREVAIL visit

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