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Updated: May 26, 2021

It's been a while since my last post. The pandemic has affected all of us. I thought I'd write an update on what we've been doing and on future plans. As I don't know if anyone reads this blog--I write this just to get my thoughts down for the record.

In the last post, I mentioned three projects. The first being the collaboration of Nacional Electrónica and TKU to compose the score for the documentary entitled Brujería y Brujulería: Enwitching Aztlan. We completed our work and turned it in to the production team in September 2019. The second is the album Invisible Peoples. We completed work on that album in summer 2018. It was originally intended as the score for a full-length work of contemporary dance, but ultimately that never came to fruition. The album will be released independently of any dance work. The third project mentioned was the inclusion of music by Tal Nadie in the form of a CD in a volume of poetry by Xitlálic Guijosa-Osuna. That is still in the works.

NEW: TKU is currently remastering its entire catalogue for release as a boxed set. The remastering is being done by Alexis de la O (Nacional Electrónica). NE is also remastering their back catalogue for a boxed set release.

So far we have received the remaster of Echoes of the Mourning Stones. It includes a few additional pieces blending the poetry of Patrizia Gattaceca--in her voice--with the music of TKU. Alexis will be working on the next two albums: Music from the Café Mak and Soldaderas in spring 2021.

Finally, three TKU and TKU + Nacional Electrónica pieces were featured on a radio show broadcast on WUSB in New York. These were "Shines the Moon (Wach inak le Ik)", "A Brief Interlude" and "Voice, Mountains, Stars".

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