Tracks chosen by choreographer

Updated: May 26, 2021

Beatriz Eugenia Vásquez informed us tonight of which tracks she will be using for her new dance work premiering at the Ebb & Flow Festival in June. All the tracks were written her during our June 2018 INVISIBLE PEOPLES recoding sessions in L.A. and in Havana. They are:

1. "We are in the valley..."

2. "...and she call us, Sweet Lord"

3. "Song of Lament"

4. "Street Color"*

Beatriz is a gifted choreographer and dancer. Her work has integrity and a unique soul. It is an honor to write music for her. All this music was written FOR HER. That alone makes it special.

*An early version of "Street Color" appeared on the TKU album EXTRAITS ET INTERLUDES. This new version was completely re-recorded for 3-19 Dance Art by TKU + Nacional Electrónica in 2018.

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