New Commission, New Collaboration

In July, TKU was asked to record music for a series of interviews of poets from Southern California. The filmed interviews will be shown as part of a colloquium entitled Brujulería y brujería: Enwitching Aztlan. TKU extended that invitation to Nacional Electrónica, and the two groups will begin a new collaboration this summer (2019). The featured poets include Iris de Anda, Luis Rodríguez, Matt Sedillo and Viva Padilla (Ana Ureña). The colloquium will be held at Casa de las Américas in La Habana, Cuba in October 2019 and will be directed by John Cantú.

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It's been a busy time. TKU has a number of collaborative projects in the works. These include: 1. Brujería y Brujulería: Enwitching Aztlan -- TKU + Nacional Electrónica A documentary score featuring i

Brujería y Brujulería: Enwitching Aztlan

The documentary entitled Brujería y Brujulería: Enwitching Aztlan, which focuses on the emerging wave of new Chicana/o and Latina/o poets in Southern California, will exist in two versions: a full-len

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