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Foreword by the author

Afterword by Mateo Latosa

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This limited-edition hardback omnibus contains six books in one — the complete set of novelizations of Year Two episodes, now revised, expanded, and updated with new linking material to create a consistent and unified saga. The year’s adventures now include links to the episodes of Year One and Powys Media’s original novels, so that they fit in smoothly following Survival and point the way to the Year Three novels.

After the original limited edition of 100 signed-and-numbered copies sold out before the official release date, a second edition of 100 was made available. These copies are identical to the previous edition except that they are unsigned and un-numbered. Each copy is bound in a black vinyl cover with embossed silver lettering. The book is a large-format hardback (8.5″ by 11″) priced at $100.

This omnibus features a foreword from Michael Butterworth and an afterword from Powys editor, Mateo Latosa. Author Michael Butterworth has also novelized the episode The Taybor — omitted from the original novelizations — as well as reworking the linking material. For the first time, the episodes are presented in date order (according to the log entries), as opposed to the arbitrary airing order, production order, or original novelization order.

 PLEASE NOTE:  This title has now SOLD OUT.

Published spring 2005

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