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with William Latham and Rupert Booth

Embossed, limited edition (1-198), 700-page HARDCOVER. Signed and numbered!                                                

Published January 24, 2020.                                             $200   

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"Staggering in scope...this may be the War and Peace of literary televised science fiction adaptations! I have never seen anything on this scale based on a sci-fi TV series before. [It's] an exceptional tapestry of interwoven elements and events throughout the Powysverse."  

                                                                               -- David Bobzien

"[I] paid £200 including shipping for a brand new year 1 signed edition. It’s worth every penny and I can’t thank Mateo Latosa and all the other contributors and people who worked on it enough. It and the year 2 books are things of beauty and the attention to detail and additional content to combine the Powysverse novels as part of the overall canon is brilliant.

                                                                               --Tony Vaughn

Reaction from the authors and their families:

Brian Ball:

Philip Harbottle, the literary agent for both Brian Ball and E.C. Tubb has informed Powys that Brian Ball's wife, Elisabeth, let him know that Brian had received his copy of YEAR ONE and was "absolutely thrilled and delighted with his book" and is "proudly showing the book to his friends."

E.C. Tubb:

As well, Mr. Harbottle, shared with us that E.C. Tubb's granddaughter, Lisa, wrote: "What a truly beautiful book; it really is special and I will treasure it. So lovely to see his signature."

John Rankine:

John Mason, son of John Rankine, upon receiving his copy, wrote the following: "What a book! Wasn't expecting anything this size. It really makes a statement! Brilliant, and well done."

SPACE:1999 YEAR ONE is the long-awaited, licensed omnibus of the novelizations of all the episodes of the series’ first season episodes. Originally published as six separate volumes by authors E.C. Tubb, John Rankine and Brian Ball, this omnibus contains all the episodes that appeared in those original books but also contains a new novelization of the episode Earthbound (formerly not included in the individual novelizations), written by Patricia Sokol. There are also new novelizations of the episodes Force of Life and End of Eternity written by William Latham. Finally, a previously unpublished twenty-fifth episode, called Operation Deliverance, written by Rupert Booth, has been added.


All the episode novelizations have been revised for continuity with each other and with the rest of the “Powysverse” novels and short stories. The idea, from the beginning, has been to create an interconnected, internally consistent, literary epic tale of the Alphans’ odyssey.


The editing team spent, literally, years working on this omnibus and are proud to finally publish it as the definitive chronicle of Moonbase Alpha for the enjoyment of the series’ fans.


This omnibus, the companion to Powys Media’s earlier work, SPACE:1999 YEAR TWO by Michael Butterworth, is bound in a black vinyl cover with embossed gold lettering. It features forewords by all three of the original novelizations’ authors, a publishing history, and a detailed note from editors about the thoughts and methodology behind the editing process.

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