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From 2002 to 2023, Powys Media brought you a series of officially licensed original novels that chronicled the epic saga of Commander John Koenig, Dr. Helena Russell, and the other inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha as they struggle to survive their journey through the depths of space, encounter alien civilizations rich and strange, and search for a planet on which to reclaim their humanity. All titles are now officially out of print.

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A few words on the novel series from a fan (shared by permission):

"I am loving these books which expand the Alpha story. I have literally been on the edge of my seat reading these novels. I think they do what Year One did: challenge your thinking and make you want to stick around for more adventures. The authenticity is absolute. I hear the characters I have seen in the show. Brilliant. I can't think of any similar TV-to-book adaptations that are anywhere as good or as inspiring.

I thought [reading the books] would be just an interesting trip down memory lane. Instead, I find myself looking out into space with wonder and inwards with equal wonder. They make me ask questions of myself and I know when I read them again, I will pick up on something else. They completely get what the original show was all about and more. I know I am gushing but it has been a while since I have been so inspired by what I have read."

--Hazel Cartwright (on the facebook page, Space 1999)

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