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Rogue Planet front cover_edited.jpg

by E.C. Tubb

Foreword by Philip Harbottle

As the Moon travels through interstellar space, the Alphans receive a portentous warning

to go no further, to turn back “for death awaits”.

They pass through wave after wave of terror-inducing

and despair-filled attacks upon their psyches,

finally entering the realm of the Omphalos,

a pocket universe with no escape...except death.

This edition now features an expanded (and corrected) E.C. Tubb bibliography compiled by Philip Harbottle. 


THIS NOVEL has been revised and expanded and includes a newly-added epilogue.

It now fits within the canon of the larger SPACE:1999 Powysverse!

(See our chronology for placement.)

Published November 2019 (first edition),

September 2020 (expanded second edition)

Cover art by Ken Scott

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