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Powysverse Compendium Cover ISBN_edited.

by Patricia T. Sokol

Foreword by Zienia Merton

Afterword by Martin Willey

Space:1999 in the Twenty-First Century

In 2002, Powys Media launched a literary continuation of Space:1999 through an ongoing series of novels, short fiction anthologies, and reimagined novelizations of the original episodes. The Powysverse Compendium guides you through that continuation, providing an in-depth analysis of each component of the Powysverse along with thought-provoking glimpses into the overriding themes and arcs moving through the series.

Author Patricia T. Sokol, given open access to the Powys authors and editors, is your tour guide, revealing the component pieces of the Powysverse and providing a fascinating and authoritative guide—part encyclopedia, part literary criticism, and part roadmap—but offering a bold new work with its own voice, taking you into the deepest realms of this newest incarnation of a classic series.


Published February 2012

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