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Angels May Prevail is the union of Rupert Booth and Duncan Williams (UK) with Cesar Gallegos and Mateo Latosa (Mexico/US). The group formed spontaneously with the recording of "Stepping Stones", a track from the forthcoming full-length album, "Fixed Hour". Recorded in Los Angeles by Latosa, the instrumental track came to the attention of vocalist, Duncan Williams, who offered to add a vocal layer and Rupert Booth, who engineered the mix. Within a week, the new mix was done. Soon new music was being written specifically for continued collaboration involving all four musicians.


Gallegos and Latosa were already recording together as the L.A.-based electronic music duo TKU: Tecamachalco Underground. Rather than expand TKU, everyone involved saw this expanded musical collaboration as the start of something new. And so, Angels May Prevail was formed.




Angels May Prevail are:


Rupert Booth: vocals/guitar

Cesar Gallegos: guitars

Mateo Latosa: keyboards/electronics

Duncan Williams: vocals


For more information about TKU: Tecamachalco Underground, visit the TKU website:







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